Recruiting for Nonprofit Board Members

When things go wrong in the nonprofit sector, it is usually the board that takes the brunt of the criticism. A poorly functioning board can cause mismanagement, or even financial ruin. It is crucial that your Board of Directors is equipped with the experience and knowledge to manage your company.

When recruiting for Nonprofit Board Members, you want to choose people who are passionate about your cause and will commit to serving the needs of your organization. They must be able to understand their roles and responsibilities in order to participate in all your company’s decisions, like adopting policies, determining the compensation for the executive Director, and raising funds.

A properly functioning board is a crucial bridge between your organization and the community. It is the job of your board to decide how best to serve the community through your organization. The executive director along with the staff is my latest blog post then responsible for implementing the vision that was set by the board throughout the day-today operations.

In the past nonprofits sought out wealthy and well-connected individuals to sit on their boards. These connections still matter, but it’s more common now to recruit those who are passionate for your cause and are committed to the cause. It is also essential to find people to fill different positions so that your board can have many perspectives and opinions. A study by Korngold revealed that 78% people who serve on boards for non-profit organizations report that they are more inclined to listen when a different perspective are presented.

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